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Additive Design has a wealth of experience in New Product Introduction and Development and offer a wide range of research and feasibility studies which include Additive Manufacturing to ensure the items we engineer perform at there best.
Design for the intended manufacturing process is critical. At Additive Design we are experienced industrial designers and engineers who also know how to make the most out of Additive Manufacturing when required .
Prototypes and pre-production prototypes are a critical stage in proving concept. We can advise on the best technologies and supply high quality cost effective solutions .
The net result of good research, designing and prototyping should be a product or part which will be optimally developed to make the most of what ever manufacturing process is selected. .

Why Choose Us?

  • Design with an eye on engineering

    Good design should result in better products and components. At Additive Design we Engineer Designs
  • We understand Additive Manufactureing

    There is a lot of hype surrounding 3D Printing. At Additive Design we can select the best aspects to optimise your parts
  • Industrial Design

    At Additive Design we offer Design for traditional subtractive technologies as well as the best that Additive Manufacture can provide
  • Covert your scans to reality

    At Additive Design we can take your scan data and create real 3d data and then 3D print parts which match reality.